About us

Hi guys. With you Nancy and David Myers. We are an unusual family. Why ask you? Yes, because we are always on the go.             

campervan Our family spends so much time traveling in a camper van that we are already very bored in a traditional home. We are traveling as a big family – me, my husband, our son Jack, and 2 dogs. Now we are admiring the West Coast of the USA and decided to share it on the blog. But our lives have not always been like this.

We used to live in Colorado, and like many people, we only went to work and sometimes went to visit friends. Now our life has changed. We want to see for ourselves and show our son as many beautiful places as possible. We dream of traveling all over America. We know so much about the camper that we want to share our observations with you in our blog https://bestbatteryforcampervan.com/

After all, while we bought it, we chose a lot of options among different offers. We saw small houses and real giants. Now we can help you choose. 

We know a lot about the design and features of a camper van. Therefore, we will tell novice travelers what to look for. We will be glad if the atmosphere of good nature and usefulness is preserved in our blog. Share with us your discoveries and travels, maybe someday we will organize a meeting of our friends on our campers. It will be great.